The Laboratory

It seems like the Wobbles aren't so different from us Humans. Just like we have DNA, Wobbles have a similar code that describes everything about them: what they look like and how they evolve. Let's call it the Wobble code. What if we spent more time researching what constitutes a Wobble's code? We'd be able to create any kind of Wobble! That's exactly why the laboratory was created, and you are right in it! Welcome! The Laboratory is a joint project with MERP Internet Tools™, who headquartered in the Dusk's End region, where our little town is located. This, of course, opens-up a brand-new chapter in the Wobble history. Wobbles of any shape or form will now be able to wobble around town thanks to you and the MERP technology.

Wobble Evolution Tree Builder
Use this tool to build an entire Wobble evolution tree.
Wobble editor
This tool lets you create a Wobble.
Sprite editor
Draw one of the sprites (images) that a Wobble is composed of.