What are Wobbles?

We don't know much about what exactly Wobbles are or where they come from. They have been discovered for the first time when Brewed, as he walked back home in the early morning after spending the night at the Midnight Pub, saw a weird looking egg near a pond in Dusk's End, Nightfall City. That night, Brewed might have had one too many drinks, he didn't know if he was hallucinating. But then the egg hatched and a funny looking creature just came out. It wobbled as it tried to stand up. Soon after, Brewed realized that there were many eggs all around this pond. He decided to call this place Wobble Town and to tell all his friends about it so that they can care for those little wobbly creatures.

Care taking basics

Wobbles love food. Being well-fed makes them happy and healthy.

Wobbles enjoy traveling as well! Visit your Wobble to get an HTML snippet you can include on your site. As your virtual companion, your Wobble will appreciate this time spent with you.


Neonriser for the incredible art of a lot of Wobbles. Owencompher for the duck Wobble. Finn for the egg beastie wobble. Thank you! Wobble was greatly inspired by: